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1st Dec, 2016

A Different Meeting - Snarry drabble

Title: A Different Meeting
Author: [info]prayer_at_night
Word count: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Challenge: [info]snarry100's #551 Alternate Reality and #552 Recognition
Summery: Two strangers collide in a Tesco. But are they really strangers?
A/N: A drabble bunny bit, so had to write this. Not beta-read, hit me if you see something wonky, yeah?

A Different Meeting )

2nd Oct, 2016

Coming Home - Drarry Art

Sooo, now that the masterlist is posted, I can claim my art from [info]hd_familyfest! :)

Title: Coming Home
Artist: prayer_at_night
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): implied former mpreg
Epilogue compliant? not one bit
Media: Derwent Graphik Line Maker pens 0.05 and 0.2, white coloured pencil, white and green gel pens, on craft paper
Artist's Notes: ...I only did this for the lovely [info]digthewriter! ;D But it sure was fun! (I still love my Snarry most, though ;) )

Summary: When Harry finally came home from his eight week long International Auror Exchange in Saudi Arabia, all he wanted was to hug his husband and son and have a quiet day with them. How very unfortunate that Ayden didn't recognize the strange bearded man invading his home.

Originally posted here at the community: Coming Home

And now also available under this cut. ;) )

I also earned myself a banner! <3 (Thank you, [info]digthewriter!)
 photo 10904_original.png

2nd Jul, 2016

Moonlit Meeting - Snape/Firenze art NSFW

Title: Moonlit Meeting
Artist: [info]prayer_at_night
Pairing: Severus/Firenze
Rating: NC-17 NSFW!
Media used: Wacom bamboo pen, GIMP
Warnings: naked man and equally naked centaur, both with interested boy bits
Notes: This is a piece of art I made for the Snapely Hols in 2011 (holey moley, how the time flies! O_o) for the amazing [info]eeyore9990 <3
It seems like I never posted it to my own journal, so here it is. :3
I still love this, by the way. ;D

Moonlit Meeting )

26th Jun, 2016

A Love Betrayed - Severus/Evan Rosier ficlet

Author: [info]prayer_at_night
Recipient: [info]alley_skywalker
Title: A Love Betrayed
Pairing: Severus Snape/Evan Rosier
Request/Prompt: Betraying someone you love
Rating: PG-13?
Word Count: ~420
Info: Written for the Wish List Event 2016 at [info]rarepair_shorts
Author's Notes: I don't write often anymore, but this prompt just clicked for me. I hope you like my take on your prompt, [info]alley_skywalker! :)
Many thanks to [info]digthewriter for beta-reading! <3

A Love Betrayed )

25th Jun, 2016

Look at me - Canon compliant gen art

Title: Look at me
Artist: [info]prayer_at_night
Characters: Harry and Severus
Rating: PG
Media used: Copic ciao, Copic Multiliner, white gel pen, a spot of brown and black stamping ink, on watercolour paper
Warnings: imminent Canon character death, blood
Notes: I haven't been entirely unproductive these last couple of years - I just never had anything to show on my journal. But a few weeks ago I finished this Artist Trading Card, and I thought this might be something that could interest a few of my friends here. ^^
This is my interpretation of that scene at the end of DH where Harry *thinks* he sees Severus die (which he obviously can't do, because that would sink my ship. :P)

Look at me )
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10th Jun, 2016

Wave the Flag - Snarry drawble

Title: Wave the Flag
Artist: [info]prayer_at_night
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Challenge: [info]harry100's challenge #287 Pride
Rating: G
Media used: Grey Copic ciao, cheap felt tip pens
Warnings: ...Gay Pride? ;D
Notes: *blows dust from journal* Wowzy, it's been aaaaaaages! ;D It sure does feel good to be home. *sighs* I hope to be more active again now. :)
Also, I had tons of fun researching the perfect slogan for Severus's shirt! XD

Wave the Flag )

29th Jun, 2013

snape_potter Pride Challenge fic

Challenge: Pride
Title: To Be Proud
Author: [info]prayer_at_night
Rating: R to be very safe
Word Count: 865
Content/Warning(s): *talk about sex; an erection; a hint of homophobia*
Summary: Severus and Harry come out with a bang, or so.
A/N:I cannot believe that I actually wrote! *dances* I mean, I should have been learning, but well... fuck it. ;)
Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [info]torino10154!!! I didn't get anything with your favourite things in it done... there's no smut at all in this! But I hope my first Snarry fic since 2009 (!!!!!) will give you a smile anyway. :) Many happy returns, sweetie! <3

To Be Proud )

10th Apr, 2013

Face to Face - Snarry drawble

Title: Face to Face
Artist: [info]prayer_at_night
Media: pencil
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Challenge: [info]snarry100's #336: Face to Face
A/N: Oh my goodness, I've been gone for so long! Sorry! ;_; A big bad bout of homesickness for Snarry town brought me back, and I come with a cute little drawble as a gift. <3

Face to Face )

11th Dec, 2011

Kinky Kristmas Recs - 1

Hello, dears!
I have never made a real rec post before, and I'm not sure anyone will look at this, but since I'm actually quite up to date with my reading thus far I thought I'd make a list of the fics and arts that impressed me the most. :)

[info]daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas:

At Practice
Severus/Sirius, Marauders time.
Sirius and Severus are both wonderfully in character here, and so perfectly typical *boys*. Their contest (The Biggest Wanker? ;P) is hilarious and still totally believable... and on top of everything very hot.

Dallying With Dark Wizards
Severus/Gilderoy, Canon time
In my mind, there have never been two people less compartible than Severus Snape and Gilderoy Lockhart... and still, in this fic they work, and I was surprised how well. Severus all dressed up is quite a sight (even if you only read about it), and Gilderoy being loving and reassuring is wonderful! (Mind you, he is still IC! Totally vain and always smiling in his lilac clothes, just like we know him. :) )

Old Habits Are the Sweetest
Harry/Ron/Hermione, post Hogwarts
Apart from incredibly hot threesome sex, there is so much to read between the lines in this story; I loved how clearly the reader can see how much these three care for one another.
I can't find the right words to explain what makes this story so wonderful, so just go and read it yourself, yes? :)

Cinnamon and Chocolate (and Sex)
Seamus/Lavender, post Hogwarts
Not a pairing I ever considered, and not even characters I normally like... so this fic was a real surprise. :)
I love the easy air in this, how things between Lavender and Seamus are just about having fun together. No angst, no war, not even any fighting between the couple, nothing. All you find when you klick the link is a feel-good story with likeable characters that make you smile, and who have hot sex. *grins*

Repeat Offenders
Sprout/McGonagall/Pince, with Neville watching, after seventh book
In this story, the author combines the real horror of the year when Severus was Headmaster (and Harry went camping) with a great humour and really hot woman sex. It's so well done!
And Neville is absolutely loveable in this story. :)

Sometimes a Fantasy
Draco/Hermione, post Hogwarts
Draco as a wicked, but understanding and loving husband trying to make his wife Hermione happy; isn't that enough reason to head over and read?
Well if you need more: there is dead-sexy Hermione in impossibly hot clothes and outdoor sex that makes steam come out of your ears. And there are some really sweet surprises that the reader doesn't see coming, either. :)


Stag Night
Sirius/James, shortly before James marries Lily
What impressed me about this art is the palpable atmosphere, this dull ache that looking at the pictures leaves in my chest. Their body language says as much as any well-written fanfic could.

You and me always
Charlie/Draco/Bill, post Hogwarts? (everyone's over 18)
This art ist just stunningly gorgeous. Honestly, you need to go over there just to ogle Charlie's butt, period. ;)

8th Oct, 2011

Scars - a Kingsley/Severus drabble

I wrote! :O
It feels like I haven't written in ages, but now I wrote this little drabble for the [info]chromaticvisions drabblethon. :D

Title: Scars
Author: [info]prayer_at_night
Pairing: Kingsley/Severus
Prompt: battle scars (Day 7)
Rating: PG?
A/N: This is unbeta-ed because I didn't have the time to write an email to my wonderful beta. If there are horrible mistakes, please tell me!

Klickety )

8th Sep, 2011

The Devil and his Pet - Severus and Remus drawble

Title: The Devil and his Pet
Artist: me ;)
Rating: PG???
Warnings: There's a werewolf and a devil!Snape; AU like woah! ;P
Challenge: #328: A deal with the devil
A/N: This has about nothing to do with the prompt like it is meant, but that picture was in my head the second I read the prompt. So... I still hope you like it?

Klickety )

29th Aug, 2011

Drapery art - late birthday gift for [info]alisanne and [info]torino10154 :)

Hello y'all!

I've been away for ages now, and I still won't come back for real because RL is a bitch. BUT! I brought art with me. :D
I felt the need to give something to these two wonderful women who are always so kind to me whenever I come up for a breath here. In the end, it became my very first Drapery. :)

I sincerely hope you will like it, girls! *hugs you both* And if you don't, please know that I put a lot of love into it.
Thank you. :-*

Title: Love Is Magic
Artist: [info]prayer_at_night
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: three naked men having sex?
Disclaimer: They still belong to JKR and I will give the boys back to her after I cleaned them up. Promise!
Summary: Love is a magic on its own, and you can't know what it will do. Who would have guessed, that Severus, Harry and Draco would end up bonded after a passionate night together? ;)

Klick for porn! )

3rd Jul, 2011

My Snarry-a-thong art ;)

Here is the repost of the art I made for this years Snarry-a-thon.

Title: A Certain Kind of Shower
Artist: prayer_at_night
Other pairings/threesome: nope, just the two boys
Rating: NC-17 (definitely NSFW)
Media: computer and tablet
Warning(s): Mmmmmmm, watersports ;)
Prompt: #140: "Art: Any kink that doesn't get a lot of love in art or fic (this would probably be the more extreme ones like pet play, watersports, blood play, etc.) So, bondage, D/s, spanking and things like that are out. R and NC-17 only, please."
Summary: Severus has a craving for that certain kind of shower.
A/N: *looks up at the prompt* Yeah, that one was calling for me so loudly! :D I made like a zillion of sketches, I was searching for the perfect angle, perfect kink, perfect everything, wanted to create something unique… and then in the end I recycled an oooold sketch (must be from 2008! o.ô), redrew it in my current style and there it is. Sorry that the pic's not more exciting. ^^°

Klick me! )

20th Mar, 2011

Auction for Japan!

Hey people!
I just wanted to tell you about the Artist Trading Cards I'm offering at help_japan.
Please take a look at my offer here: Klicky!
I'm not the best artist alive, but I put a lot of love into every picture and will do everything to help Japan after this huge catastrophe. Thank you for looking, and perhaps you feel like bidding, too. I'd be very thankful.

8th Mar, 2011

I'm still alive!

Hello you lovely people! <3

I've had a few horribly busy months now, and am still not through with the shit (there is a *huge* group homework we have to hand in in... oh, two weeks >_<°), but wanted to tell you lot:
THANK YOU!!! I'm not commenting at all, but I'm there, lurking around, reading your fic and drooling over your art, and that keeps me sane in this bloody asylum called university.
(I'm not even exaggerating too much: the workload is impossible, you just can't do that when you're a human being! ;_; I just scratched out a few of the subjects I was supposed to have next semester because I want to live a little again.)

Anyway... thanks again for being my fan stuff dealers! ;)

I hope I'll be more active soon. ^^

Lots of love, me:-*

19th Nov, 2010

Massage - Kingsley/Tonks drawble

Title: Massage
Artist: me! :P
Rating: Er... R? Just to be sure.
Warnings: Naked-ness
Charakters: Kingsley and Tonks
Prompt: #17: Stress Relief
A/N: Now that I'm finally done with my Snapely Holidays submission, I had to do something *not* digital for a change.^^ So here is a tiny little drawble. Hope y'all enjoy!:-*

Massage )

5th Oct, 2010

Colours of Autumn - Snarry drawble

Title: Colours of Autumn
Artist: meeee! :P
Media: teh computer and my brand-new graphic tablet
Rating(s): G
Challenge: #234 Autumn Leaves
Warning(s): Er... the tablet is new. You can see it in the drawble.
A/N: I'm still not completely back, just popping in to say: I have a tablet! *g* And now back to uni stuff. *grumbles*

Happy couple with kid in here! )

8th Sep, 2010

Flisties meme

MEME!!! Come on, you know you want to do it. )

7th Sep, 2010

Share the love!!! <3 <3 <3

how about you go and Share the love over in this LJ comm? You can comment logged in or anonymously, and just say a few words about why you love certain HP fandom people; your favourite artists and authors, your beta, someone who always makes you smile...

Come on, lovelies, you know you want to! :D

24th Aug, 2010

HP SSC FEST is posting!

The awesome [info]hp_ssc_fest over at LJ is posting!
My art has been posted, you can see it here: Quiet Now It's NSFW!!!
But the stuff these people wrote is pretty much amazing, so if you like consesual kinkyness, go to [info]hp_ssc_fest and read and enjoy and review!

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